Hello 2023!

30 Jan 2023

A friend of mine was talking about Tamagotchi the other day. If you don’t remember those, they were quite the 90s craze. A small electronic pet that you need to keep fed and watered and interested. And I’m sure things like Pokemon and Digimon wouldn’t be a thing without the invention of the Tamagotchi.

Anyway - talking of electronic things that need nurturing and looking after… this blog has been fairly neglected recently. Back in November, I managed to renew the SSL certificate… a manual process that each year I promise myself I’ll automate (and then never do) and then the annual renewal of the quirke.org domain. Which worked, and implies that the correct credit card is on file somewhere. So yay me - the bare minimum to ensure this blog still exists.

yay me…

I mean - this blog is not completely abandoned… There are a couple of unfinished posts sitting on my Google Cloudshell instance that seem less and less relevant the longer it takes me to actually publish them. But this is nothing like YouTube where it’s all about creating engaging content on a regular basis to keep the algorithm turning… no, it’s me - a laptop, an Amazon S3 bucket (plus some internet magic) and a lack of inspiration or imagination.

Maybe 2022 really did peak with my Slide School adventure?

Anyway - you’ve got to start that blogging journey. One, er, finger in front of the other (which would explain all the typos) and accept that something posted is always of more value than something sitting in a drafts folder anyway.

Perhaps as I’m getting older I’m just getting less social - I exist on Facebook, but never post there… have abandoned Twitter for all sorts of (pre-Elon) reasons and whilst I’m still on Instagram - I seem to post stories that evaporate more than images.

Anyway - onwards and upwards. I’m not planning on publishing any new year’s resolution type posts this year - but let’s see if the blog can be a little more active in 2023.

And at least I’ve managed to get a something posted before the end of January at least!

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