02 Oct 2020

Time for a virtual conference again. Which is the direction that most conferences seem to be going this year. Yes - the MacSysAdmin conference has gone online this year. And the decision was made months ago - which appears to have been the right one…

Whilst I’m sad that there’s not an option to attend in person, I’m really excited that MacSysAdmin 2020 is going online - as I’ve not been able to attend IRL for a while… not since 2016, mainly because there’s now a fabulous conference in London, with less travel for less money…

But Gothenburg is a wonderful city - and I’ve made friends and had a good time in the years I was able to attend.

It was my first ever conference when I attended in 2014, and all others I attend shall always be judged by the high high standards set by MacSysAdmin.

This year is mostly new sessions, with a few greatest hits sprinkled in amongst the new stuff. The conference kicks off on Tuesday 6th of October… but I figured why not get started now! Yes, I’m basically so excited I can’t wait! Having perused the program, here are links to the greatest hits talks already live…

…and perhaps I’ll see some of you in the MacAdmins Slack channel #macsysadminconf during the live event.

MacSysAdmin 2020 sneak preview…

IPv6: Connectivity Into the Future 2011 Rick Wylie

IPv6: Success for Migration 2012 Rick Wylie

Raiders of the Lost Certificate 2012 Paul Suh

The Internet 2013

(this one appears to be missing at the time I was writing this… but I’m including a link to where the file should be, hoping it’ll reappear later on!)

Can’t We All Just Get Along? 2014 Andrina Kelly Diana Birsan

Upgrade, Now! 2016 Jonathan Levin

Design Thinking for Mac Admins 2016 Emily Kausalik-Whittle

Certificates - How Do They Work? 2016 Marko Jung

Getting Started with Amazon Web Services 2018 Rich Trouton

Accelerate Your Enrollment Testing 2019 Kevin M. White

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