MacDevOps 2019!

15 Jun 2019

(or, oops I did it again…)

You’ll recall after speaking at MacADUK I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to put myself through that again…

…well my boss twisted my arm…

We were invited to talk Mac Management (with SimpleMDM) and DevOps at the MacDevOps conference in Vancouver. This was particularly exciting, partly because it’s such a well regarded conference in the MacAdmin community, and also because conference organiser Mat X is a legend…

Our topic?

Using the three pillars to guide our approach to and implementation of device management

It was a tale of why we chose the MDM product that we did - and how we’re using DevOps practises to provision and secure our laptops. Oh - and why we’re using Open Source tools, and open sourcing our code as we go.

It was a joy to present with Kelsey - she is a stone cold professional.

I’m also particularly proud of the fact I did the whole talk in my awesome new keyboard cat shirt…

Here’s the talk in all it’s glory:

We also got some lovely feedback… (so maybe I should do this again someday!)

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