MacADUK 2018 Media blitz...

23 Mar 2018

I did say if I was feeling brave that I’d be up for posting my conference video from MacADUK… well, I watched the preview, and really it went better than I thought it did. (It was terrifying from behind that podium!)

from behind the podium

So, I’m feeling brave… here it is:

Wait - it gets better!

I even got an honourable mention in episode 71 of the MacAdmins podcast!

(right at the end at 1 hour and 2 minutes in… not that I was counting…)

I’m not sure if this means I’m ready for my next big talk - or if I’ve got it out of my system!

Again - thanks to Amsys for taking a chance on an unknown kid

The majority of the other conference talks are up now - and can be found on the MacADUK YouTube channel

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