London Apple Admins at 10x Banking

18 Aug 2023

Clearly my posts are like buses, nothing for ever and then two at once… (ahem)

I do try to update things here when I do talks and presentations, but recently realised that in all the excitement of disappearing on our summer road trip I didn’t think to get anything written up from our most recent London Apple Admins meet-up back in July… let alone a post about my MacADUK talk (which I’ve only just got around to posting)

For the first time in a long time we had the whole team together in the same place, as Graham was over from San Francisco - as well as me, Daz, Ben and Neil. And as such we did a “Cat Herders Special” where we each presented on some of the new announcements from this year’s Apple World Wide Developers Conference…

I took on “what’s new with managing macOS” - for reasons I cover in the talk…

Which you can check out here:

Thanks again to all who came out, and of course those who joined the livestream too, not to mention the team at 10x Banking for providing a fantastic space, and DataJar for providing beers and pizzas for all.

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