13 Jun 2021

Hello 2021… eventually…

Oh blog - it’s not you, it’s me.

It turns out that faffing about building an automated pipeline that can publish new posts to Amazon S3 automatically when I commit them to Gitlab is all very well and good…

…but someone still has to write those posts. That someone is me, obviously - I mean, it’s my blog. But the further and further we’ve slipped into 2021, the harder and harder I’ve found it to be inspired to write, well, anything at all.

I get it - I’m no Diamond Geezer - he of a fresh post every day. And last year, I really did just about manage a post each month. But 2021. I’m done. I have no excuse.

And it’s not as if I’ve not been busy doing things worth blogging about. I mean, not many, but some.

For example - once again my arm was twisted to “speak” at the first virtual London Apple Admins back in April. April 1st in fact.

My presentation was called “Learn how Sophos is awesome and causes no problems at all…” - it can be found about 45 minutes in. If you’re desperate to see the slides, you’ll find them here.

Presenting virtually is weird. I shared my slide deck, promptly lost all the video feeds on Zoom, and couldn’t see any of the other participants. So that’s fine - I’m sitting in my basement talking to myself.

Tell you what though - there’s NO silence like the silence from a remote audience who’re all on mute.

It’s brutal.

In a virtual meetup space - no-one can hear you, er, scream.

Especially if you’ve thrown in a couple of jokes (for some value of joke) and would like some kind of feedback.

Oh - and never check the chat in mid-flow - as it will distract you…

Anyway. Hello 2021. How are you doing?

The hardest thing is getting started. Now I’ve started. Let’s see if I can get a few more posts posted in 2021.

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